Web Engineering is a world leader in using archaea beneficial microbes to remediate contaminated sites. Beneficial microbes are nature's recyclers. They have been working for millions of years to keep balance in our ecosystems. Web Engineering applies these naturally occuring, non-pathogenic, non-toxic, hydrocarbon-degrading microbes to leaks and spills to accelerate biodegradation and eliminate toxicity. Our years of experience have made us experts in using microbes to clean up client sites. Microbes often 'finish off the job' where traditional methods leave off resulting in complete remediation or sometimes microbes are able to be used instead of traditional remediation methods saving clients significant amounts of money.

  • Microbe consortium contains aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative anaerobes allowing for board spectrum activity under various conditions.
  • Specifically cultivated to quickly convert a wide range of potentially harmful hydrocarbon compounds into harmless essential fatty acids, CO2 and water.
  • Can reduce or eliminate costly disposal fees.
  • 100% naturally occurring microbes. Non-GMO
  • Non-pathogenic, non-toxic.
  • Easily activated by either salt water, brine or fresh water.
  • Easily applied. We will work with you to determine the best application method.
  • ​Fast Acting. Third party testing shows a 98% reduction in potentially harmful organic compounds in as little as 24 hours.
  • ​Reduces volatility of high-vapor liquid organic compounds such as petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Five year shelf life in non-activated form.
  • Proven through independent safety testing and studies that neither humans nor wildlife are adversely affected by the use of our products. In fact, by-products produced by these microbes are used as a food source by other organisms.



Nature's REcyclers Applied With Engineering Precision

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