​Web Engineering Associates, INC.

Engineering Design, Permitting & EnvirONMENTAL Services


Providing solutions to engineering and environmental problems requires expertise in many different disciplines. Web Engineering utilizes a team of engineers (mechanical, chemical, and civil), hazardous materials managers, environmental scientists, geologists, hydro-geologists, and regulation specialists to provide site-specific solutions to unique client problems. This distinguishes Web Engineering from other engineering companies that provide “boiler plate” solutions when innovation is more appropriate.

Web Engineering has and will continue to strive for a level of excellence both in professional expertise and in client relations. As Web Engineering continues to grow our approach to professionalism and client service will not be compromised. 

Client-Focused. Innovative.


Petroleum Pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, transportation, exploration and production, site restoration.
Tarmac maintenance, fuel storage.
Real estate 
Environmental, trusts.
 Dealers, manufacturing, repair.
Government & Defense​

Engineering and Construction
Environmental Consulting
Food & Beverage

Chemical, electronics.
Zoos, Equestrian and Livestock Housing

Our TEam

Our Philosophy

Project Design and Operations  

• Underground/Aboveground Tank   Design, Bulk Fueling Facilities, and Terminals

• Chemical Process and Waste   Minimization Designs Mechanical and Fluid Control Systems

• Storm Water Management and System Designs Solvent Recovery Systems

• Waste Water Treatment Designs
• Oil Blending and Separator System Design and Operation

Soil / Water Assessment, Remediation, and Disposition
• Innovative Clean-up Strategies for a Cost Effective Approach to the Problem Accenting Bio-Augmentation In-Situ Treatment

• Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Capabilities to Meet All Massachusetts Contingency Plan Regulatory Requirements

• Groundwater Recovery and Treatment Systems

• Soil Classification and Least Cost Disposal Options
• Brownfields Investigations and Demolition/Construction Oversight

Site Investigations
• For Re-financing and Expansion
• Buying or Selling Property
• Investigating Releases or Threats of • • Release under EPA and State

• Regulations Hydrogeologic Studies
• Evaluation and Upgrading of

•Hazardous Waste Management Strategies

Regulatory Compliance

• Water/Soil/Air Environmental

• Permitting

• Local Boards/Commissions

• Presentations and Approval

• Processes Stormwater Compliance Issues

• Expert Testimony 

Our Advantage

AND WE're pleasant and FUn TO WORK WITH TOO.

Statement of Qualifications


We are dedicated to providing personal service and pride ourselves in producing the highest quality work in a cost effective framework. Our multi-disciplinary, site-specific and innovative solutions coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience are the basis for 40 years of successful, ongoing client work.

Simply put, we have 40 years of experience. Our professionals are top-notch in their fields. We are small, nimble and personalized in our approach to client projects. We provide cost-effective, competitive pricing. We stay current with emerging technologies and approaches so our work remains relevant. And we like what we do and share that enthusiasm through professional, positive an respectful interactions with our clients.

Summary of Expertise